Kids Classes

We have a range of class themes, from Wee Scotty Designer, where kids follow every step of garment construction, to Fun Fashion Fridays, where students can let their imaginations run free! Classes change with the seasons, so sign up for our email newsletter or check out our schedules to stay up-to-date!

We love to share news about our classes with our social media and email followers- if you are uncomfortable with photos of your child being taken or shared at Wee Scotty please let us know and we will accommodate your needs.

*CANCELLATION POLICY* If you cancel a class, it is non-refundable but the full price can be applied to future sewing sessions.

* We do not have an FSA number to file for day care reimbursement.

* A materials fee will be charged based on project and materials selected. Most classes require a $25 fee. This fee will be presented to you before the end of a session. 

* By Purchasing a class at Wee Scotty you are giving consent to for Wee Scotty Staff to take pictures of you or your child while in class. These picture will be used to show what classes are like. The privacy and protection of our students is extremely important to us which is why the picture will only be used on our site. If you have any questions or concerns please email the staff at or call the store at 415-221-9200.

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