Our Process

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First Fitting
At our first fitting it's very important that you bring your shoes and any undergarments you wish to try on with your dress. If cups are a necessity, we do provide them as needed. During this appointment we will explain to you step by step how we can alter the dress to your liking. Here we will pin your dress in preparation for the first round of alterations that will be sewn by the date of your second fitting. This is where the majority of alterations take place. Subsequent fittings are to fine tune the main alteration points.

Second Fitting
During the second fitting we will try on the dress to make sure that everything was fitted perfectly for you. If there are any other changes needed we are more than willing to accommodate you by arranging any subsequent fittings necessary. The earlier we see you for your first fitting, the more time we will have for any last minute alterations you might want. The gain and loss of weight (5 to 10 pounds) from this point until your wedding date can be easily addressed in second and third fittings once the base of the dress has been fit to your figure. These alterations then are simply fine tuning of the dress for the best fit closer to the date.

Pick-Up Date
While some brides do arrange to have their bridal boutiques pick up their dresses for shipment, other brides may choose to have us press their dress and arrange a pick-up time. Pick-up occurs after all alterations have been approved. If you choose to have your dress pressed here, we will show you how to care for your dress from the moment you pick it up until the moment you change into it on your wedding day. We will provide a list of tips on how to care for your dress, and answer any and all questions you might have.

Estimates and Pricing
At Wee Scotty we've found that the most accurate way to bill for bridal alterations is based on the amount of time we spend sewing. If you come to a first fitting and decide not to have any sewing done, we do have a consultation fee of $45. Sewing is billed at $75 an hour down to every 15 minute interval.

Due to the difference in complexity between many of the dresses we alter, our pricing has ranged greatly depending on the dress itself and changes made. Our average price thus far (after over 16 years of great service) for an average, full run of most bridal alterations (this includes bodice alterations, bustling and hemming) ranges between $750 to $950, plus tax.

Slight Alterations: $325-$550 

Mid Range Alterations: $550-$750 (hem and bodice,bustle work specifically)

High Range Alterations: $750-$950 (lace work, bead work, design changes, and other additions)

After pinning your dress at the first fitting, Lynne will give you a more specific estimate based on the complexity of the alterations. Please keep in mind that the more we change, the more sewing will likely be necessary. Changes that involve hand sewing (moving/replacing beading and other embellishments), and/or complex bodice structure, many layers of tulle, are the sorts of factors that tend to be more costly. Please figure we will spend a days work (7 to 8 hours) on most dresses.  There are the few dresses that fall outside of this range, some less and some more, but there are fewer!

Pressing Services
We do also provide pressing services on site in order to accommodate local weddings. If you have had your dress altered with us, we will have our experts press your dress at the discounted rate of $50. If we have not worked on your dress and you are coming to stay in San Francisco, we offer pressing services starting at $150.  


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