After School Sewing Summer 2019

Wee Scotty

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After School Sewing Summer 2019

Not ready to go back to school? Want it to be summer forever? At Wee Scotty you can! Come finish out your summer with a bang by sewing a cool new outfit. Class will be held later in the day so that students don't miss any of their first weeks of school. 

August 19-23 3pm-5:30pm

5 Sessions: $315

 **Please make a note of child's name & age in 'special instructions for seller' box at checkout** 

*A materials fee will be charged based on project and materials selected. Most classes require a $25 fee. This fee will be presented to you before the end of a session. 

* By Purchasing a class at Wee Scotty you are giving consent to for Wee Scotty Staff to take pictures of you or your child while in class. These picture will be used on the Wee Scotty Website to show what classes are like. The privacy and protection of our students is extremely important to us which is why the picture will only be used on our site. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section at Checkout.

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