Wee Videos

Wee Scotty is a fashion school, boutique, design house, and so much more. We enroll students of all ages & sewing levels and teach them the skills to create unique pieces of clothing, outfits and accessories. We offer expertise in all stages of the fashion process - including fashion illustration, material selection, machine sewing, hand sewing, and specialty appliqués.

Check out these videos to see the amazing talents of Wee Scotty Designers and what they can accomplish in our sewing school!

Wee Scotty's Project Junior Runway gives designers a chance to put their talents to the test! 

A sewing challenge on the news! Who will win in finishing their designer PJ bottoms first? Watch to find out!

We pitched this pilot to major network TV stations not long after Wee Scotty's first Project Junior Runway!

KRON coverage of Wee Scotty for San Francisco Fashion Week 2007. Featuring Leah Gallagher, Phoebe Gillan, Tiara Mead and Sachie Weber!