Sewing & Crafting Classes

Wee Scotty offers a variety of classes in sewing, embroidery, crafting and more. With access to state of the art sewing machines by Brother, we are fully equipped to teach you how to sew! All skill levels are welcome. 


Classes for kids are geared toward fashion design and encompass the whole process of Apparel construction - they design and create a fashion illustration, choose their material, and sew it on their own! 

Wee Scotty also offers adult sewing classes for beginners to experienced sewers. Bring in a project or start from scratch and get some feedback and help in making anything from apparel to home goods.


* By Purchasing a class at Wee Scotty you are giving consent to for Wee Scotty Staff to take pictures of you or your child while in class. These picture will be used on the Wee Scotty Website to show what classes are like. The privacy and protection of our students is extremely important to us which is why the picture will only be used on our site. If you have any questions or concerns please email the staff at or call the store at (928) 440-3242.