Entrepreneur Pro X 1055X Play Book SAPRBOOK 2

Entrepreneur Pro X 1055X Play Book SAPRBOOK 2

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The Entrepreneur Pro X, PR1055X Play Book is your step-by-step guide to the amazing features on the 10-needle embroidery machine! This book has everything you need, from steps on the machine settings and functions to individual projects – all to help you get the very most out of your purchase! 

There are 34 individual projects with accompanying videos – more than 5 hours of instruction – that can be accomplished at your own pace. The videos are located on the included USB drive and can be viewed from your machine as well as from your computer. 

Have fun getting to know your Entrepreneur Pro X (PR1055X) machine and be prepared to unlock your hidden creative potential! We certainly hope you will be inspired to make something uniquely yours.

•Compatible with PR Series machine, PR1055X.
•Includes: One USB with 34 projects & video instruction
•Spiral bound book