Louis Carney, Machine Expert

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Saturday, October 5th, 10am-5pm

Louis Carney is coming to Wee Scotty to instruct us on embroidery machines, scanNcut products, and software on your machine! We will work on Brother brand but show you how techniques can transfer to various brands.

This all day event will include workshops in sewing, embroidery, quilting, and ScanNCut. It's inclusive to all skill-levels; beginners and experienced alike will benefit from this hands-on instruction!

Louis began his sewing career at the early age of 12 in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, where he studied tailoring, design and visual merchandising in advanced curriculum in prep school.  After college, he began his career in the sewing machine industry, which included working with stores in Chicago and New York City where he now resides.

Louis has taught in all 50 states and Mexico, lectured in London, and worked with machine product development in Sweden. With a focus on interiors, his special attention to detail, congenial class atmosphere & beautiful samples, his classes always fill to capacity.  His familiarity with machine products and industry knowledge ensures a fun and informative time to be had by all. 

Mr. Carney has an illustrious list of clients, including, but not limited to: Bernadette Peters, Sara Jessica Parker, Tommy Mitolla, Dr. Ruth, Mary Fisher, Nancy Wilson, the Rockefellers, Kristina Wildentstein, Kathleen Glynn (Mrs. Michael Moore), Mrs. Sidney Poitier, Martha Stewart Inc and Vera Wang Inc., as well as the Broadway musicals productions of “The Lion King” and “Riverdance. He has also worked with artist for Adidas.