At this time, we are fully booked and not taking alterations. Please check in later! 

Wee Scotty offers top-of-the-line alterations on casual and formal clothing. This service is for tailoring and altering only, we do not offer repairs or mending of any kind. Generally, our turnaround time is two weeks–if you have a more urgent timeline, please contact us and we will let you know if we can work within your schedule. 

If you need to be fitted for your alteration, we charge a $15 fitting fee. Please schedule your appointment here and pay for your fitting through our website. 

Alterations are a small part of what Wee Scotty has to offer, if we are busier than normal we will let you know at drop off if turnaround time is longer than two weeks and what our estimate is. Please make sure that all items brought in-store for altering are clean. 

 for Bridal Alterations Info, click here ☞




Blind hem: $65

Jeans: $40

Topstitch: $40

Waist: $65

Hip: $45

Taper legs & hem: $60

Skirt / Dress per layer

Machine hem: $40

Serger hem: $65

Rolled hem: $65

Waist adjustment: $35 - $65

hip adjustment: $35

Shoulder seam: $35 - $75

Sleeve adjustment: $40


Tailor sleeve length: $75

Resize sleeve: $45

Resize torso: $45 - $125

Shorten length: $75

Mens shirt sleeve: $45

Mens shirt torso: $45

Mens shirt hem: $35

Suit pant: $45

Suit pant with cuff: $65

Taper leg: $60

Adjustments with lining: add $40

Formal occasion dresses

Hem: starts at $75

Strap adjustment: starts at $45

Bodice: starts at $45